Damon Dash Says Cam’ron Was Shot Over ‘Paid In Full’ Role!

Does art threaten life?

What happens when there is no clear distinction from art imitating life? Sometimes the ramifications can become dire. Recently, Damon Dash says that Cam’ron was shot over his role in Paid in Full.

Not long ago, the established entrepreneur visits the All The Smoke podcast. Immediately, he chops it up with hosts Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes. As, the conversing continues, the subject eventually lands on Cam’ron.

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To date, Dame has had a definite hand in helping to cultivate some of Hip-Hop’s biggest stars. The historic ascent of Roc-A-Fella records will forever work to bolster his longevity. During his time with The Roc, he was able to embrace a fruitful foray into the art of Film.

Be that as it may, Paid in Full quickly becomes a cult classic. Of course, the innate hustler goes on to make several more lucrative films. However, the intrinsic magnetism of Paid in Full is like nothing else.

As a matter of fact, Cam’Ron’s beautifully twisted portrayal of Rico is uncanny. Furthermore, his character was loosely based upon the life of Alpo Martinez. Somehow, Damon Dash recognized that Killa Kam would be perfect for it.

Perhaps, this transformation into Alpo was too much for the public. “Cam went through a lot, you know he got shot over that role in Washington,” reveals the record exec. Soon, he expounds upon his insight.

“Yeah, that was over that. He’s never told his story, but there was times I hadn’t really realized what happened I was asking him to do another role once and he was like ‘yo bro I got shot over that role,’ the creative confirms.

Ultimately, Mr. Fresh To Death offers more of his point-of-view. “There was a certain scene where he was like ‘I don’t wanna do that scene.’ So when I found out I felt a little responsible and I didn’t wanna put anybody in that position again. Cause people take this story really serious.