DaniLeigh Gets Slayed On Social Media AND Is Depressed!

Bruh from Snowfall caught a body on Twitter.

DaniLeigh – the former boo of DaBaby…is probably a really good person. But she got double tapped on social media for saying some nonsense! Here’s the thing, she is not in good standing with “The Blacks.” The Black Delegation is still not feeling DaniLeigh like that, but it has been mostly quiet on the western front. Until yesterday.

On social media, she decided to comment on “Snowfall,” one of the most popular show in all of Black America. I am not sure how DeWytes feel about it, but WE love it. DaniLeigh, the singer, decided to put her 2-cents on it and a star from the show caught a body.


Amin Joseph, aka the Snowfall that plays Uncle Jerome, clapped up the  “Lil Bebe” singer’s yellow-bone body for all to see. “It’s a black thang you wouldn’t understand #SnowfallFX,” he said. DAG, BRUH!

Dani tried to say sorry, but it flopped. Folks are still mad about that “Yellow Bone” song she tried to out out earlier in the year.

Just the other day, she was crying brokenhearted and depression and maybe even suicide.

“I feel like i cry every other day..I jus want my life to change already..I don’t want to be here no more..I got no real love around me..”

Damn, Dani. It’s that time, love. Take care of yourself.

Dani Lilbebe Sticker by DaniLeigh for iOS & Android | GIPHY