Cardi B’s Tongue Reveals Multiple Health Issues—Including Body Odor—TikTok Dentist Says

Cardi B

Cardi B got that “WAP” but this dentists claims her tongue is dry.

Cardi B apparently has a host of health problems based on the coat on her tongue—at least according to a particular dentist.

A TikTok video making the rounds on Twitter has attracted more than 1.4 million views. In the clip, a woman claiming to be a dentist describes the physiological stress she sees manifesting on Cardi’s tongue coat. The woman says the Grammy-winning rapper allegedly has a very “thick” tongue coat along with a yellow hue and dryness.

She went on to say the characteristics shown on Cardi’s tongue in the photo she’s examining suggests she’s suffering from a condition called “Damp Heat,” which affects an individual’s stamina in addition to their skin. The creator also alleged Cardi B could be facing recurring issues such as frequent urinary tract infections and body odor.

Though we’re sure the woman probably means well, or is just clout-searching, it goes without saying that she should tread lightly because Cardi B is high-key locked in with her lawyers. Y’all know she got them people working on getting them millions of dollars out of podcaster Tasha K for peddling those herpes rumors. Anyway, check out the insane video below.