Did A$AP Rocky Leak His Own Sextape?

Asap Rocky’s sextape has the internet wondering if he leaked it himself.

On Wednesday night, Asap Rocky’s “alleged” sextape was “leaked” online. And on Thursday morning, the internet had much to say about it.

The blogs are having fun with this one and the comment sections are lit lit. Many are comparing the tattoos from the guy on the video to Asap’s saying they are the same. I mean, it’s quite a coincidence that the tattoos are kind of the same in the same spot on his body. But, who knows?

As much as people are focusing on the tattoos and his performance, many are calling out Asap saying he leaked this tape himself.

Why would he leak it is the question?

Rocky has been open in the past about having a sex addiction and has admitted to photographing and recording his sexual escapades. 

One can assume ASAP is the one who recorded his sexual session in his leaked tape because of the position of the camera or phone. 

He could have lost his phone or someone on his team got ahold of it and leaked it themselves. There are countless possibilities. 

What do y’all think? Do you think he leaked it himself?