Did Bhad Bhabie Change Her Race? Throws Boxer Under The Bus!

Bhad Bhabie has people talking a lot! How? Read up right now!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Bhad Bhabie is still a teenager, but I have to admit, she act like somebody in her 20s. I got in “trouble” last year for writing something about her that her Lable didn’t like. It wasn’t that bad to me. But, OK. Anyway, now she is back in the rumors for all the wrong and right reasons. 

First of all, she is underage and that ain’t changing until Father Time rolls on. Until then people really should not be DMing this girl. Boxer Adrien Broner hit her on DM saying, “Text me crazy girl.” Well, there is an issue. He is 30 and she is 16. No Bueno! 

 Adrien Broner said the whole thing was an “honest mistake.” “Nobody want to date a kid,but I fault Instagram for not having people’s age on they profile. I thought she was grown the way she out here moving,” he apparently told The Shade Room.

Moving on to the topic at hand: They are now saying that Bhad Bhabie has changed her race to Black thanks to some surgery. Now, I know this sounds crazy. JUST CRAZY! But think about it. We have women becoming men and men becoming women. We have Whites “identifying as” Black and Kanye actively supporting both Jesus and Trump. Why NOT! Bhad – BE BLACK! She is already responding to rumors that she has had surgery. 

If you see the piuctures,  you get a different idea on what she is saying. Chick, you don’t start looking like ANOTHER HUMAN as you age! 


Plastic surgery is a general term. Those that know about these things are saying that she  got LIP FILLERS ie the Kylie Jenner treatment! I mean, do what you do! Folks steal everything from Black people, but anything that benefits Black people! 


I don’t know how to call it. Some have said that she is actually taking melanin injections. That sounds a bit crazy, but anything can happen.