Did Chris Brown Bloody Usher’s Nose In A Squabble?

Chris Brown

Reports are pouring in the Chris Brown or his crew beat on Usher, leaving the legend with a bloody nose. 🤦🏾‍♂️

Here we go – some mess!

Usher reportedly hosted a big birthday bash for Chris Rock at Skate Rock City in Las Vegas on Friday (May 5). 

What would happen next, nobody could guess. A Foo Fight allegedly broke out between the crew or Brown himself that left our beloved Usher reportedly bloody.

The birthday celebration began on a positive note but according to a reliable source, the situation took a turn for the worse later in the evening. It was revealed Brown, without any apparent reason, acted in a disrespectful manner toward Teyana Taylor. The source explained Brown appeared visibly intoxicated when he first approached her. Despite attempts from several guests, including Usher, to mediate and calm the situation, things escalated. At some point amidst the chaos, Brown allegedly insulted Usher, referring to him as a “coward,” before abruptly leaving the venue. The conflict spilled over outside, with Usher following Brown onto his bus in an attempt to talk to the “Run It” artist.

Shockingly, things took a drastic turn as Brown and his entourage allegedly physically attacked the renowned R&B singer. According to the insider, the alleged assault was severe, leaving Usher with a bloody nose. As of now, neither Brown, Usher or Taylor have addressed or clarified this report. Earlier in the day, Brown seemed to be in high spirits and ready to enjoy the festivities, as evidenced by his social media post stating, “I better get Cinco de fk’d tonight.”