Did Chris Rock Apologize For Being Assaulted By Will Smith?

It’s hard not to wake up and choose violence.

Yes, the internet is a tremendously interesting tool. At times, fantasy challenges reality. For instance, after getting assaulted by Will Smith, did Chris Rock apologize to his attacker or not?

Of course, Sunday’s Oscar’s slap is still reverberating throughout Entertainment. In fact, the staged event left the comic completely discombobulated. Following the discord, Will has written a passionate plea requesting forgiveness.

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Additionally, another mea culpa was furiously circulating online. As a matter of fact, it was purportedly from the funny man, himself. In particular, this hoax hones in on the host’s responsibility for delivering a crass joke.

Part of the phony post reads, “As a comedian it can be difficult to understand which lines are to be crossed and which ones aren’t. Additionally, the faux statement includes, “Last night I crossed a line that I shouldn’t have and paid the enormous price…”


However, this turns out to be emphatically fake news! Rebecca Keegan, of the Hollywood Reporter says a much. Moreover, the Senior Film Editor releases a statement on the bogus apology from the thespian.

So, the stand-up man “has not yet issued a statement.” There is a statement going around allegedly to be from Rock that is not from him, per his team.

Whether, or not, Will Smith needs therapy, one thing is startling apparent. To date, the acclaimed actor has yet to issue out an official apology. Above all, the veteran jokester is not playing around.

To repeat, Chris Rock is not apologizing for the slap at the 2022 Oscar’s.