Did Drake Take A Shot At Kendrick?

Who is Drake talking to on his new song, because it ain’t nice. The streets say he may be talking to K-Dot! Listen up here.

This is one that is a straight rumor. I could not tell you anything, but this is what people are talking about. Basically, there is a new song called “All Painted” that is a duet with Lil Uzi Vert. And it is definitely a bop. This song is so new, it is not even coming p in Shazam. But it is on Genius. Check out the lyrics:

“Fake woke ni##as, fake deep
You ain’t know fame before me
Gave yo’ ass a lil’ sneak peek,
Now you gotta take a back seat”

The chicken coop is saying this is a shot at Kendrick. How? This just as easily been about Kanye West…but, Kanye was out before him. It could be about Meek…but Meek also predated Drizzy. I wonder who he could be talking about on this song?!

Good to hear Drake rapping again. I know the money is in the singing but this is better. BUT…Beef is also profitable! Check out the full song and let me know who you think he’s talking about in the comments.