Did Floyd Mayweather Pick Sides In Nelly & Former Associate Feud?


Last week Nelly and one of his former associates, Loose Cannon Slim, got into a heated social media feud that appeared to be over Ashanti and Miss Jackson. It all started when Nelly didn’t take too well to his former associate making Ashanti his #WCW or Ashanti returning the love. Nelly posted a photo with Slim’s baby mama and Slim posted several pics of Miss Jackson including some before surgery pics. Nelly has had it with Slim and now says Miss Jackson is going to sue Slim for posting the photos. Nelly asks how could Slim be so stupid especially after what happen to 50 Cent for posting that sex tape. Slim went in for a while, but he is now crying broke. As if this wasn’t enough, Floyd Mayweather couldn’t resist the petty itch and posted an Instagram post telling people to go follow Loose Cannon Slim. This won’t end well.

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