Did Freddie Gibbs Get Beat Up In Buffalo, NY And Does A Famous Rapper Have His Chain Now?

The streets are on fire! They are saying Freddie Gibbs was beaten on and robbed in Buffalo, NY. And there’s more to that. Read more!

Over the weekend, Freddie Gibbs was reportedly attacked during a tour stop in Buffalo, New York. As you already know, this is the home of Griselda Records. Gibbs has a beef with Benny The Butcher, as you already should know. I am big fans of these guys! They have underground hits together!

As you know already, the beefs are often between individuals but when the others get involved then it becomes a beef with everybody. And if you’re going to stop in Buffalo, then you should know that Griselda is super heavy out there.

So, on Saturday, May 14, 2022 Freddie Gibbs showed up at the Town Ballroom to perform for his Space Rabbit tour. I’m not exactly sure where the infraction happened but the Internet says it happened at Dinosaur Barbecue.

The person that did most of the talking, says he witnessed it firsthand and said that Gibbs lost his chain a.k.a. it was snatched. He also said that he had to run and his security did not help.

Now this person claims to have video and says if DJ Akademiks taps in, he’ll post the video. I don’t know what AK has to do with it, but hopefully he taps in.

Nevertheless, Gibbs still performed, so will have to see how it develops.

The other thing that I’ve been told specifically is that now Benny has the chain. I don’t know how my source knows that Benny has the chain, but he told me that Benny has the chain now.

This reminds me of Yung Berg from back in the day if you guys remember that. That’s when the city of Detroit took his Transformer chain and the ice went on a world tour for years. I don’t know if he ever even got that chain back. But it was hilarious.

Anyway, Gibbs and Benny, I hope you guys settle this beef! This is not a good look for anybody!

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