Did Iggy Azalea Get More Plastic Surgery?


Photos via Iggy’s Instagram

Wait… did Iggy Azalea admit to getting plastic surgery? Apparently fans criticized her for allegedly getting work done on her chin and nose, and debuting her new face during the Billboard Music Awards. A source told Us Weekly that the Aussie native got both a nose augmentation and a chin implant just a few months after she admitted to getting a boob job. The latest procedures were allegedly done very recently, and the source adds,

“She loves the results! She wasn’t happy with her nose for a long time, so after the boobs she wanted to get that taken care of and then got the chin done at the same time.”

After the awards show, Azalea posted a photo saying “Loving my new look.” The question is was she admitting to having work done or commenting on her pink hair?

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