Did Jay-Z Sign A Legendary MC?


Jay-Z has worked his magic on a number of rappers and now he’s reportedly got his eyes on one of the lyrical legends in Hip-Hop.

Did Jay-Z just sign a classic Hip-Hop super lyricist? That’s the rumor! Let me back up a bit. My dude Jay-Z has been quietly putting out a lot of artists, but more than just the regular artists like The LOX, Fat Joe and others in his management portfolio. The billionaire mogul signed Jaz-O to a distribution deal a few years ago. That album didn’t go crazy, but it was dope. Big Jaz came through. (By the way, we interviewed him recently. Peep it.)

So, anyway. Jay-Z has embraced a proverbial who’s who in the underworld of rap. Of course, we know about Griselda, but there are others such as Rock Marciano who are now down with Roc Nation. You know he’s one of the underground greats. There’s a full assortment of artists that were either on the verge of falling off or completely marginalized that Jay-Z has helped to resuscitate. That’s amazing.

I cannot say the name of artist that is reportedly signing with Jay-Z in a distribution capacity, but I can tell you that world wants this to happen. This artist has been underrated for so long that it’s time he got some flowers. What I can tell you is he’s a super lyrical MC that came out in the late 1980s. Jay-Z reveres him as one of the best to ever have done it. He’s even mentioned him in song. And that’s all I’ll say for now, but you can best believe that will be breaking news as soon as we’re able to say more.

So, can you guess?

Think about it….

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