Did Jay Z Stop Meek Mill From Giving Drake Diss To Flex?

Time To Reply Meek!

Jay Z is the real person y’all should be mad at, if you are upset there is no diss. From what I have been told, Flex had no say so in the matter – he was overruled. It seems like Jay Z intervened and convinced Meek Mill NOT to release the diss song to Flex. I knew this the day after it all went down, but it took me a day or so to realize why. Clearly, I don’t know for sure, but it would SEEM that Jay wants to release it on Tidal. Again, this is speculation. But, it makes sense. Drake is dropping his disses on Apple Music. Meek is cool with Jay. Why wouldn’t they make some attempt to monetize the diss instead of giving it to Flex for free? Its a new world, y’all. As you know, Drake just dropped “Back To Back,” a pretty good diss. Its no “Ether” but Meek will certainly look strange not replying lyrically.

Time will tell.
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