Did Kobe Diss Drake, Or Was Toronto Doing Too Much?

Was Drake Doing Too Much?

We get it, Toronto. Drake is the top dog in Hip-Hop. WE GET IT! We have a Black president and are proud no matter what. Well, Toronto may not have a Black press, but they have Drake. And guess what? The Drake was paraded all over All-Star weekend, which so happened to go down in his hometown. Drizzy was all over the place. However…do you remember this?

Yeah, that’s what Drake said on “Stay Schemin’” from back a few years ago. Remember, Kobe had some marital issues and Drake road with Kobe…except he called his wife a B-Word. Well. That didn’t work out. Anyway, there was rumor that Kobe gave Drake the cold shoulder when he saw him over the weekend. I was told others did too. Now, it could have been any number of thing, not beef. They could have been focused on the game. Or not there for the pomp and pageantry. Or…maybe, just not messing with Drake in their field of expertise. Who knows. It just seemed weird after he paid homage to Kobe.

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Drake got honored with the Key to the City of T-Dot! Respect!

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