Did Lil Durk By All The Tickets To A Quando Rondo Show?

Lil Durk is wrapped up in the rumors surrounding King Von.

The death of King Von continues to make waves. That is the only way that I can really describe it at this time. Honestly, I was not really oriented to who he was and what he was two people. But it seems like he was a lot and that’s why we are continually talking about him and the news cycle hasn’t exactly moved on.

Here is the latest, because we are seeing that there is a lot of rage out there and most of it is directed at Quando Rondo. Keep this in mind, people: all of this is rumor and innuendo. Folks are saying that Quando Rondo canceled his most recent show because King Von associate Lil Durk purchased all the tickets. Adam 22 says it’s really a result of Quando’s legal woes which are actually the same as the issue with King Von as far as I can see. 

The real deal is unclear at the moment, but it just seems like people are being very, very careful as they move forward because other lives can be on the line. The question is would Lil Durk do something so brazen as to buy all the tickets of a concert where King Von’s rival is performing? It does seem unlikely considering if something did happen it would all come back to him. Furthermore, if he did indeed buy all those tickets, that’s a questionable move because you really can’t do anything to someone if no one is in the crowd. On top of that, it is extremely expensive to buy every single ticket at a concert. I know Durk has money but I don’t know that he has that much money to just toss it out the window for an opp. Again, what do I know?

I love how the white boy put the rumor out there and covered his ass at the same time. LOL!!

Folks are speculating King Von and NBA YoungBoy had beef as well and that led to the problems with Quando Rondo in Atlanta. Von had posted pictures with YoungBoys ex-girlfriend which kind of can be messy anyway. While they only exist insisted music was being made, the optics were bad. By the way, Durk is literally having the best year ever…I hope he would not throw it away!