Did Loud Records’ Steve Rifkind Tip CNN Off To Kanye West?

Kanye West and Steve Rifkind

Kanye West and Steve Rifkind have known each other for a very long time. but things have gone South in recent times.

At this point, it looks like Kanye West is getting jumped by several different gangs at once. I am not his biggest fan so I do not have a tremendous amount of sympathy for him. His anti-Black stance and his antisemitic remarks have turned people off so bad that it looks like he may lose it all when its all said and done. Let me pivot a bit.

Steve Rifkind got on social media and included himself in this whole thing. It struck me as odd. I paid it little mind, because this is what we are doing in a social media world. Here’s the thing: it wasn’t odd. Even though the days of Loud Records are mostly in the rearview, dude is a heavy hitter. Mobb Deep, Big Pun, Wu-Tang and so many others went through those halls of fame. And Rifkind’s impact continues today with Kanye.

You can read below, but Rifkind essentially clarifies that he and his Jewish friends that were present at the Drink Champs taping with Kanye West were NOT the reason that Nore didn’t correct Ye when he went on a antisemitic rant. Nore made the strong suggestion that this is the reason he didn’t speak up. Did he expect his Jewish friends to jump on camera and wild out? I am not sure about that.

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So, that is old news. Here is the new rumor.

I am getting a strong, powerful source that told me that Steve Rifkind is the one that went to CNN and let them know that Kanye West aka Ye wanted to name his next album Hitler. Now, CNN has not directly reported that fact/rumor, but they do have several unnamed sources in a recent story on Ye’s purported fascination with Hitler. That report goes in, but my source tells me Rifkind tipped them off to it all. CNN is not going to run anything like this without verification so they did their own due diligence. They also included Van Lathan that said similar things. Lathan, a former employee of TMZ, also revealed that the media giant suppressed antisemitic comments West made at that time.

Did Rifkind get a couple licks in on Kanye while he was getting jumped? That’s the rumor. At the same time, it seems to make some sense. Just a couple of years ago, these dudes were kicking it. But, Kanye reportedly called Rifkind his “his favorite Jewish homeboy.” And that was that. I definitely wouldn’t like somebody calling me “my favorite African-American.” So, if Rifkind did this on behalf of his Jewish contingency, it is what it is.

He has said nice things about Kanye, so who knows. “Yes, I am Jewish but I have seen the brilliant, giving, and compassion side of him too,” Steve Rifkind said in his IG post. “I pray for you Ye that you get this right and you make another billion, but who ever you are mad at take it up with them.”

And to think, these guys were friends and stuff.


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