Did Nelly Get Into A Social Media Feud Over Ashanti?


It seems like Ashanti still has a spell on Nelly despite the fact that he is now with Miss Jackson. Nelly apparently didn’t take too well to his former associated Loose Cannon Slim making Ashanti his #WCW or Ashanti returning the love by liking Slim’s pictures. Nelly then got the petty itch as he posted a photo of himself and Slim’s baby mama on an old Apple Bottom’s photo shoot with a caption that suggested business and pleasure were mixed after the shoot. Slim must’ve gotten wind of Nelly’s post because he posted a photo of Miss Jackson with a caption that said “Head was so fire I had to take her on the road with me.” Nelly has remained quiet after the last post, but we are sure it’s more to come from these two. They are too old to beef on social media!!

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