Did Rick Ross Call His Goons To Come “Pop” 50 Cent?


Photo via Rick Ross’ Instagram

As we know Rick Ross and 50 Cent are still beefing, and trolling is an art form. Apparently Rick Ross made a call for backup as he called some of his “goons”. A video has been floating around showing his associates saying they would “pop” 50 Cent for him. This has to be one of the corniest videos ever. One of Rozay’s associates is way too hype also. The crazy part is, who would post a Facetime video communicating threats on social media? Self incriminating much? Most fans commented on the stupidity of a person that would post a video like this. Others pointed out that Rozay was the same one canceling shows when he feared for his own life. People are just out here posting conspiracy to commit murder videos huh? Oh okay. Carry on.