Did Saweetie Shade Lil Baby For His Loose Lips?

Saweetie seemed to address the rumors of Lil Baby spending $100k on her in a recent “freestyle” at Rolling Loud.


Saweetie is aggravated! Now, we have to admit that the freestyle is not the best, but it feeds directly into the rumors that we’ve been hearing in the recent past. She addresses, in this wrap at rolling loud, the rumors that she and Lil Baby were a thing for a second.

Lil Baby might’ve gotten a little over excited when they started to tangle a little bit. In the freestyle, she basically says that $100,000 is late. She also announces that she’s making quite a bit more money than that, afford to be a big deal. Reportedly, little baby got overly excited when she FaceTime Tim straight up naked. She said he started running his mouth far too soon and miss understood his boss tendencies. She said he’s more of a groupie than anything.

Now, we have to admit she did not say his name. So maybe it is not about him. Maybe it’s about a random guy. Kind of like the guy that she picked in the crowd at rolling loud. That guy is on cloud nine right now! Anyway, they would’ve been a cute little couple but he messed that up I guess. At least label mate Quavo wasn’t tripping.

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He should get some credit because he did shoot down those rumors!

Then there is is the issue of the actual freestyle. There has been a lot of critique about how wack or dope the freestyle is. I am not looking to get my fill of lyricism from Saweetie anyway. If I want lyrics, I am looking at a bunch of rappers that are not on the pop charts. So…there’s that. Stay poppin’ Saweetie The Sweetie!