Did Snoop Dogg Inadvertently Leak Dr. Dre’s ‘Detox’ Tracklist?

Snoop Dogg

Detox, anybody?

Thus far, Tha Doggfather continues to earn the distinction of many lauded adjectives. However, is this creative confidant ignoring his responsibilities? Recently, did Snoop Dogg inadvertently leak Dr. Dre’s Detox tracklist?

So, there are many questions surrounding this slippery social media snafu. All the same, Hip-Hop is smiling. Could the legendary lyricist be instrumental in assisting Dr. Dre?

Hmmmmm, let’s explore. Actually, the Back On Death Row boss is capable of anything. Remember, at the top of the year, he was true to his culture and C-walked for a global audience. By all means, Snoopzilla is celebrated for giving the people what they want.

Be that as it may, the anticipated effort has spent over a decade in lyrical purgatory. Well, is 2022 the year of Detox? Hopefully, the Long Beach wordsmith works his creative magic.

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As of late, studio sessions with Snoop Dogg are informing social media. As a matter of fact, a now deleted Instagram post is dripping with delicious material. An emphatic whiteboard contains the juicy details.

In fact, a tracklist is seemingly on full display. To date, five of the listed songs have already appeared on another project, Grand Theft Auto V. All the same, could the other listed tracks actually be included on Dre’s fabled album?

Come on Snoopy, please do the part to help make this happen!