Did That T.I. Situation Lead To Boosie Leaving Atlanta?

Boosie T.I.

Boosie is leaving Atlanta, but why? The streets are talking about a recent situation with a certain king of Atlanta.

I am probably starting rumors here. BUT…lets get into it. Lil Boosie made the revelation that he is leaving the city of Atlanta. I do not know how long he has been there, but he’s been there long enough to befriend T.I., one of the kings of the city. He made this revelation on Instagram and it was picked up by those that care. And those that care are talking.

Check out what he had to say.

So, he says he is leaving The A (the center of the Black Universe) for Las Vegas? Vegas is what I would regard as the center of the world of debauchery. That may not be the outskirts, but it certainly is the middle of a lot of base stuff like gambling and prostitution. Anyway, what does Lil Boosie see there? Or is it about what he sees in Atlanta?

I definitely do not have the answer. But I do have some thoughts. It could have been a bit uncomfortable for Boosie in Atlanta. He called T.I. out in an interview with DJ Vlad and subsequently blew up their joint album project. For the record, I am mad at Boosie for that. I was looking forward to it. Now we get nothing at all. I hope Tip keeps is bars and drops an ep or something for us. Anyway, could Boosie be feeling some discomfort? By the way, this does not have to be overt threats or harassment. It could easily be a preemptive move to avoid something disastrous.

Best of luck to them all.

By the way, RIP to Mr. Clay Evans, who was Tip’s manager. Nobody in the city even cares about this right now. From what I have read, people really loved him as a positive dude for the city.

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