Did The Game “Break The Net” With Instagram Post?


Photo via The Game’s Instagram

It seems like The Game tried to “break the internet” Kim Kardashian style when he posted a photo of himself in his boxers on his Instagram page. B.O.B. started the “Eggplant Friday” trend that had the ladies going crazy and the men posting their goods online. Clearly the men weren’t here for The Game’s post, but women everywhere let them know that they feel the same way when men post half naked women all day. So many people reposted the photo that it got people writing “The Game” and “Jayceon” on their hands with a sharpie imitating Blac Chyna’s “Future” tattoo. Instagram even got involved and begin to delete the photo if people posted it and hastagged #TheGame. Instagram flagged it as inappropriate. Well, The Game certainly keeps us talking.