Diddy Admits To Cheating 25 Percent Of The Time


Photo via Diddy’s Instagram

Not too long ago Diddy announced that he wasn’t really thinking about marriage, but instead he believes in love contracts. Cassie doesn’t seem to mind. Recently Puffy said that being with him he can guarantee 25% of cheating and bullsh*t and 75% of the happiest moments of your life. With the 75% he also said he would be there to support his woman’s dreams, be there to hold her and listen to her, and be her best friend. While he doesn’t mind admitting that he has cheated “in the past” and has been cheated on, he doesn’t advise that his significant other cheats. Double standard much? Ladies would you enter a love contract like this? Well some of you accept way less and worse so never mind. LOL. Skip to 27:54 to hear Diddy break down his love contract.