Diddy & Lori Harvey May Be Ready For Some Babies!

The rumors of Diddy and Lori Harvey being pregnant are not true, but there’s something up!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Sean Diddy Combs is one of the guys that I have come to admire for a whole MYRIAD of reasons! He’s really navigated the waters through the years. Now, he stands at a cross roads of sorts. He has a 22 year old girlfriend, Lori Harvey, who is the daughter of one Steve Harvey. She is no biological kid, but we are past that. She is his daughter! Now, moving right along…whatever turbulence that was present has subsided and Diddy and Lori are back on COMPLETELY! 

The rumor is they are getting ready for kids! You didn’t hear this from me! You read this somewhere else like TMZ. But, the reality is, they are just getting their love on! Diddy is 49 so he’s no spring chicken. I am sure all of the qualities he’s exuded with J. Lo,Kim Porter and others has worked on Lori too. They were spotted out in Cabo and that’s where the rumors started. He rubbed her belly admiring her abs and it turned into this convo about babies!

I still don’t think they are going that route, but since the relationship is getting more serious, it seems that way. Who am I to get mad? I have to say, I wonder what this relationship looks like when she is 32 and he’s 59 or when she’s 42 and he’s 69! Women in their 50’s are still out there getting it in! I hope Diddy has all his pills to pop when he’s looking to satisfy a lovely hot woman at 79! 

I ain’t gonna lie! I miss Cassie! But, I have to say Diddy’s Revolt conference got people talking! 

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