Diddy Gets Frisky With Model On The Beach In Malibu! 


Sean “Love” Combs may actually be in love! The Hip-Hop mogul was caught making out on the beach with an Australian model!

“Don’t leave your girl around me! True playa for real, ask Puff Daddy” – The Notorious B.I.G., “One More Chance”

Biggie… you sneaky little dog … you had us looking at you but it was Puff that we could not trust all along! 

Sean Combs has been the one allegedly snatching people’s girlfriends — left and right. Think about Ryan Leslie (Cassie) or Al B. Sure! (Kim Porter).

Now, the rumor has it that the music executive is at it again. 

Recently, Combs was spotted smooching up on the Australian model Tina Louise, the former girlfriend of 90210’s Brian Austin Green.

On Tuesday, October 13th, while many were locked up in their homes trying to avoid the icky stickies of the coronavirus, Combs and Tina were seen in hanging out on the beach of Malibu — looking quite lovey-dovey. In a video, the two were seen kissing. At one point, she is even seen prancing around sexily in front of the Bad Boy.

The two hid under a towel and seemed to make-out —publicly.

Tina broke up with Brian Austin Green in July. With the looks of the pictures and videos that are out, the model is on the prowl — she has probably met her match with Diddy.

Diddy is probably aware Green also used to date Megan Fox, who is currently in love with Bad Boy artist Machine Gun Kelly.