Diddy’s Former Bodyguard Is Back At It With Some Serious Accusations Against Puff!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Puff’s former body guard, Gene Deal, claims he is coming to give y’all this work with the raw truth. According to him, Diddy wasn’t really taking care of the people around him, but instead he was taking care of folks’ funerals.

So it seems like dude is suggesting one of two things: either that Puff had something to do with the murders of those around him, and then he covered up by paying for their funerals, or he’s saying Puff was only around to take care of funerals, but he wasn’t really holding folks down before they died.

Well, people have always tried to allege that because Puffy’s money has always been so long, he could and has allegedly had “killers” on payroll. Do yall think Puffy is really about that life?

I’ma go with maybe the man is just trying to say that P. Diddy wasn’t really taking care of “family” until it was time to put them in the ground, not that he put hits out on folks.

Because dude used to work with Puff, he definitely has some knowledge of what went down back in the day, but you have to wonder why is he singing now? Why is he trying to extort and expose Puff now?

Hopefully Gene is saying that Puff was reckless and didn’t completely lookout for people as well as him maybe not having the right security measures in place more so than him suggesting a conspiracy that Puff was involved in having B.I.G or anyone else killed.

Man listen Puff, Suge Knight, and a few other insiders need to come out with some tell-alls so we can hear from everyone what really went down back in the day. LOL. What are your thoughts?