Dinner With Bow Wow Or Food Stamps: Twitter Explodes With An Overwhelming Vote!

Bow Wow

Right before his new Millennium tour, the public is saying they aren’t too excited about the former child star.

Rapper Bow Wow used to be one of the most popular artists of his generation. But over the last few years, his stock has dropped tremendously.

Evidence of how low his stock has dropped comes in via Black Twitter. Usually, when an entertainer is trendy, that’s a good thing. This time … well … not so much.

The question was asked, would you rather have dinner with the So So Def rapper or a $2900 in food stamps, and overwhelmingly people chose the stamps (or EBT card).

Jean St. Patrick aka the Fat Haitian posed the question on Sunday, Sept. 4, around 11:08 in the evening.

Check out the responses to the offer.

“Dinner with who?? I will take a $100 food stamps over a dinner with bow wow.”

“I just seen a post saying $2900 in food stamps or dinner with Bow Wow!! Babyyyyyy the deep freezer gone be packed you hear me?”

“I’ll smoke bow wow a## for $2900 in food stamps wtf.”

This controversy is lining up simultaneously with his recent VIP Experience offer for $1000 to kick it with him during the Millennium Tour.  This proved to be just as disrespectful as the stamps question.

The Bow Wow VIP Experience

“$1k to meet bow wow or $2.9k in food stamps. Baby run me then stamps I can see him on YouTube!”

“So now Bow Wow is also doing meet & greets, pics w/fans and a VIP experience with him. My whole thing is Bow Wow am I getting some of this GOOD P##SY that I keep hearing about for this $1,000? Because if I am…..”


“U couldn’t pay me to go to a bow wow vip tour straight up.”

Would you pay money to kick it with Bow Wow or are you getting them stamps?