DJ Clark Kent Claims Jay Z Has 200 Crazy Lines For Every 1 Good Tupac Bar!


DJ Clark Kent has certainly ruffled the feathers of Tupac fans everywhere as he recently stated that Jay Z has 200 crazy lines for every 1 good Tupac bar.

Pac fans are not here for the foolery as Kent flat out said Pac didn’t have bars.

Clark Kent says Hov didn’t waste his bars, and some other rappers just rhymed a lot, or had a lot of content but no bars.

It seems that Kent and some others feel that Pac was never an emcee’s emcee. Kent said fans loved Pac not for the bars, but instead because you believed Tupac.

Kent went on to say that Drake is amazing in the category, but says Pac didn’t have bars….say what?!!

According to Clark Kent, the emcees that fans loved the most were the ones that had the bars. He said,

“The only one that you loved and it wasn’t because of the bars was Tupac. That’s because you believed Tupac. Look at the Hov’s, the Biggies, the Nas’. These are the dudes you care about because they rhymed for real. Tupac never said a really dope rhyme, he just said his rhymes really dope.”

“Show me one super ill bar by Tupac, and I’ll show you 100 by Hov; I’ll show you 200 by Hov for every one you show me by Pac. I’ll show you 200 by Biggie and he only got two albums.”

Kent claims that you can recite all of his lyrics, but you can’t say that Pac was an amazing emcee. Kent says Pac was an incredible rapper but he wasn’t that nice of an emcee.

What are your thoughts? Does Hov have more punchlines and quotables than Pac? Was Pac really spitting? Was he the type of emcee that could body you on your own track?

Kent also credited Rakim, Biggie, Pusha T, Fabolous, Jadakiss and others for having bars though.

Hmmmmmmm. Is what Clark Kent said just, or does he have a narrow view of a bar? Take a listen at the 1:07 mark.