Does Diddy Have Another Baby On The Way?

They are talking! That’s right – the streets are saying that Diddy may have another seed on the way.

(AllHiphop Rumors) I completely understand that some people do not care about the rumors of this sort. Guess what? I don’t either! But the job is what it is! It is a good thing that Diddy has his own site now, because once upon a time, I would have to catch hell for these sort of rumors. Now, he’s not even looking!

Here we goooooooo…Diddy is supposedly, possibly and rumored to be approaching fatherhood again! And, yes…”they” are saying is is with (((((drum roll)))) Lori Harvey! So, you get a 2-for-1 rumor here! They are saying that Diddy and Lori might be back with each other. 

This is what they said on The Shade Room:

Y’all know we keep our ears to the streets and this time it’s no different. There’s been rumbling that #Diddy and his boo #LoriHarvey have split, but we can confirm the pair are going strong!
In fact, they took a quick baecation trip to Cabo for some fun in the sun. Though we can’t confirm if family and friends are joining them on the trip, we DID see Diddy was caught rubbing on Lori’s belly….
Maybe that’s just how they show affection, orrrr you know what nevermind. ‍♀️ Anyway, the pair are happy & look to be enjoying each other’s company.

And they posted images of them out and about, causing the speculation that she’s with child. 

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If you scroll these pictures, she certainly appears to be “with child,” but who knows. 

What do you think?