Is Eminem Secretly Working On Album?

50 Cent recently jumped started the rumor mill after confirming a new Eminem album.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Marshall Matters is one of rap’s best emcees. Not only that, but Eminem is one of the most lowkey in the industry.

Eminem is a music superstar in every shape and form of the word. He tours worldwide, has legions of fans and can’t do anything without being noticed.

These are all reasons the veteran emcee makes rare appearances these days. However, it is the main reason being featured on a track with him is still seen as a luxury.

50 Cent has been linked to Eminem since his first major taste of success with his album Get Rich or Die Trying.

The pair have remained close throughout their years in the entertainment industry.

Recently, 50 sat down with LA’s Real 92.3 for an interview. During the interview he let it be known that he has received a new record from Eminem and that an album is on the way.

“He’s in the studio now, Em got some things man…,” 50 Cent said saying the album could be coming soon!

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