Does Ray J Have A Secret Child & Marriage?


Photo via Princess Love’s Instagram

Apparently Ray J allegedly has a secret child and a secret marriage. We guess Princess Love is okay with it. Apparently the reason Ray is not solely with his wife is because he was after new p**sy! Plus Ray says he’s on his Hugh Hefner, and all of his girls know what time it is. In a confession styled interview, Ray J says,

“Listen … I’m on some Hugh Hefner sh*t, all these b*tches know what’s up. I got some bread. I got a wife at home. All I wanna do is buss a nut. And something else? Of course. I don’t wanna buss a nut in my wife. I seen my wife have a baby, a baby came out of her p*ssy. I don’t wanna that p*ssy no more. I seen a whole human being come out of that p*ssy … water, and all kind of sh*t followed … all kind of weird sh*t followed out of that p*ssy. I’m not eating that p#### no more. Of course I love my girl. That’s my pillowcase. I can’t wait to get home, watch TV, watch CNN, talk sh*t with my wife … be raggedy and fart … just be her husband … Yeah. I don’t want to get wild and freaky n shyt … where we turn on a p#### and get loose … no, I’m not feeling you like that. You’re my wife!”

Brandy’s brother is something else yo! What are your thoughts?