Does Somebody Have And Issue With Nas?

Is there some friction between Nas and 9th? Hmmmmm…the streets are talking.

I never got the sense that Nas and 9th Wonder had any sort of issue, but I was looking at one of my fave destinations and came to the conclusion that they likely do. First of all, 9th Wonder, the legendary producer, has crafted beats for everybody from Sean Price to Shawn Carter (Jay-Z). And so many more like Rapsody who is still doing incredible things. But not Nas. OK, no big deal right?

Maybe there is. Check out what 9th Wonder posted on social media:

Uhhhhhh, Nas got nominated too! Nas is Top 5 DOA! Yo! Nas might even win! 9th Wonder has an issue with Nas – seemingly – and people saw it in plain view!

But why? Why?!

It seems like 9th remixed Nas’s God’s Son and called it God’s Stepson! He removed Nas’s face and then replaced it with his. Blasphemy! LOL! Seriously, this was a good piece of work! But, Nas didn’t like it for some reason and apparently, things have been shaky with the two gods since. Now, I have my own opinions rooted in nothing! But for a minute, 9th was very tight with the Jay-Z camp, most notably Young Guru. And maybe Nas felt a way about that, and it bled over into 9th Wonder? I always thought that was it, but I have no proof at all.

Check out God’s Stepson (Mixtape) – it is worth your 80 minutes.