Does T.I. Have A Love Child?


Photo via T.I.’s Instagram

Rumor has it T.I. is involved in a messy child support case. Allegedly some man is claiming that his baby’s mother was involved in a threesome with TI and Tiny. The man claimed, in a lawsuit, that the 4 year old child whom he was raising actually belonged to rapper TI. The man is asking to be relieved of any child support responsibility, and get his money from back child support. Of course, T.I. has denied all rumors.

Someone has also leaked some alleged “settlement” papers. The settlement/confidentiality agreement appears to be between the woman who apparently has a secret baby with TI. Under the terms of the confidentiality agreement, the woman is now an “employee” of TI. As an employee she has to keep quiet and in return she gets paid $12,500 a month to care for an “unspecified individual”. Under this agreement, she gets this money until May 23, 2029. Coincidentally this would be the date that the child T.I. claims is not his, would turn 18.

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