WOW! Doja Cat Caught Calling Blacks NI##ER!

Doja Cat has been caught on video calling Black people the N-Word with the HARD R. Yep.

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UPDATE: There is a new video of Doja Cat using the N-Word with the hard “R” to boot. You cannot blame Tupac for this when you have an audience of Alt-Right goobers. I hate giving these bozos attention, but she needs to be exposed, canceled and ignored. Honestly, she was a goofy chick to begin with so I was never a supporter. Her trash rap with the cow foolishness was never what’s up so the joke ain’t on me.

(AllHipHop Rumors) They are trying to cancel Doja Cat, but why? Apparently she said some stuff that has branded her racist-y. There is very little fire, but a whole bunch of smoke. #DojaCatIsOverParty was trending, because the rapper was on a video chat with some racists. She allegedly said she didn’t want to be Black, “but at least she’s thick.” Insert Scooby-Doo face. 

Here is more if you are interested. 

Here is more proof of her willingness to be cool with racists.

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This young lady said some stuff that really summarized the views of many.

Lastly, she apparently has a song called “Dindu Nuffin” that mocks Black people and police brutality. I have not heard it yet. 

She did not stop there. She has also upset the G###, which could really prove to mess up her rapidly rising career. 

Back in 2015, Doja Cat called Tyler The Creator a fa99ot. Most people forgot, but not the internet! These digital streets have a long memory! Now, lets be real. Doja Cat is fully blown at this point. I think she has all 9 over her cat lives. People don’t care and Black people don’t have the power to cancel anybody. The Gay community might. I thunk she should make some anti-Semitic remarks so she can put her power to the test. I think she would be canceled at that point. 

I have to wonder how Nicki Minaj feels about this.