Donald Trump Is NOT OK! Might Be Very, Very Sick!

The rumors around Donald Trump are crazy – everything from death to deepfake!

Donald Trump has been admitted to Walter Reed Military Hospital in Washington DC. That’s right, his whole a$$ is in the hospital. Now, this comes in the stunning revelation that the world leader was diagnosed with Covid-19, along with this wife and others. Fortunately, lil big man Barron was not found to have the disease. Several people were, mostly Secret Service and others, were diagnosed with coronavirus, but the president is the most important person for now.

Guess what, guys? This is deeper than we may suspect. I have sources in health care and adjacent to politics that have given me some info, based on their wisdom. So, they are not privy to Trump’s specific case, but they can “see” things we miss. One person said that Trump is far more ill than we have been told. If you look at the headlines, they went from asymptomatic to “mild symptoms” to now, “feverish and fatigued.” His condition has rapidly gotten worse and, medical experts believe there is a chance he can become gravely ill. The prez is in the high risk group for Covid-19, that includes age, obesity and idiocy.

Now, the president has gotten an experimental Regeneron treatment and has taken the experimental drung remdesivir, according to reports. In the past, he has made some of the most insane suggestions for treatment of coronavirus, including Hydroxychloroquine and bleach. Oh, but there’s the anti-viral treatment. Trump has also mocked people like Joe Biden, who has openly worn masks. Flat out, Trump has tried to push the opening of America even though over 200,000 people have died and numbers in places like NYC have swelled. Trump went to the debate knowing he had the virus, putting Joe Biden at grave risk!

Trump could die and right now, people are saying that he could be incapacitated as we Americans march to the election.

Now, to the rumors!

A lot of people are wondering of a DeepFake video was posted of Donald Trump taalking to American Audiences and the world. It sure looked weird to me.

DeepFake is the tech that allows people to emulate or mimic peoples’ faces and voices even though its not them. Here is a good one!

The chick Hope Hicks is being forced to take the blame for giving the president Covid, but not for long, according to rumors. Hope is the one that stated that Trump already HAD the disease and knew he had it before the debate. She is NOT going down without a fight, says the political streets, and going to fight back against this assertion. Even more, they are saying she may be saying that Trump GAVE HER the virus, not the other way around.

Anyway…this is serious. He is sicker than they are saying! This was totally avoidable too. For some perspective, the White House now had more Covid cases than all of Washington D.C. on that particular day. It’s absurd! He put Joe Biden at risk! They didn’t even tell Biden…he found out about the positive COVID case on the news.

Man…this is a tough time for clowns. They keep being compared to Trump. Hold your horns, guys….hold your horns.