Here He Goes Again: Donald Trump Says He’s Launching A New Social Media Platform, Swears It’s Really Gonna Be A Success This Time, TRUST ME!

President Donald Trump Holds Press Briefing

Whose uncle is this?

Donald Trump is like that uncle who tries every type of hustle — from fish-fry plates to backyard mechanics — and can barely clear $500 a week no matter what he does. You want to root for him — that “give it all you’ve got” attitude is, really, an all-American trait — but the problem is, you know it’s all an act.

You know it’s all an act because in reality, he’s a spoiled rich boy who never had to work a day in his life — who blew through millions of dollars of his father’s money — who was solely tasked with not being a f*ckup and couldn’t succeed at doing that, either. At the end of the day, Donald Trump could only do one thing right: be a game show host. (Let’s be real: The Apprentice was a good show.) Everything else — from the “modeling agency” that was a front for Jeffrey Epstein’s perversions, to the presidency, to Trump Steaks & Trump University — has been one dub after another.

That’s what makes this man’s latest announcement about his new social media platform — called TRUTH Social — so hilarious and pathetic. You know this is going to fall flat, just like all his other sh*t he’s ever done. You just wonder when the hell Donald Trump is finally going to S### about losing the 2020 presidential election and just accept his defeat like a big boy. At this point, not accepting his defeat makes him sound like an even bigger b*tch than he really is. (And he’s a big one. Really, he is.)

Anyway, take a look at the announcement about his new TRUTH Social Media Network, and try not to laugh at the petulance. (Or continue to act like he’s the aggrieved party in all this. I really don’t care.) Really — there’s not much more to say about this mess than the two tweets below. It’s not worth much more.