Donnell Rawlings Suggests Folks Didn’t Exit Chappelle’s Stand-Up Show Over Israel Jokes

Dave Chappelle

Donnell Rawlings says y’all got Dave Chappelle all the way messed up!

Dave Chappelle has been the topic of conversation recently based on comments he made about the Israel and Hamas conflict during a recent stand-up show. But did he really say anything that was out of line?

Donnell Rawlings doesn’t think so and appears to have proof to back up his opinion. The entire situation unfolded as Chappelle spoke on stage about a number of topics related to Israel and Hamas. One of his main monologues was based in this satirical, tragically ironic anthology entitled “Space Jews” which he made up and used as an analogy for the unrest between Palestinians and Israelis.

Chappelle also touched on topics such as students losing job offers for supporting Palestine and war crimes he believes Israel has committed through a “disproportionate” response to Hamas’ initial attack on Israel. Chappelle also appeared to condemn Hamas and the entire conflict at large while also allegedly accusing the United States of assisting in “the slaughter of innocent civilians.” He apparently got into it with a heckler in the crowd when he attempted to explain the “two wrongs don’t make a right” fallacy in regard to the violence in Gaza and Israel.

Reports initially alleged that Chappelle’s comments were met with widespread pushback and ended up causing a mass walkout due to the clash between Palestinian and Israeli supporters. However, Rawlings shared a clip of his own, in which Chappelle announces he’s producing a stand-up special for him, and there still appears to be a full house.

“Unseen footage @tmz_tv @davechappelle parental advisory suggested! Link in bio!,” Rawlings wrote in the caption of the post.

Did Brother Dave keep it real or what? Peep the video below.

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