Drake And Rihanna Get To Slappin’ Their Ugly Parts!

Rihanna And Drake Are Dating!

Drake And Rihanna Are LOVERS!

I know, I know…this is probably played out for you. But we do it for documentarian purposes as well. And we have to document that Drake and Rihanna are now a couple, or at least dating. Both of these two have had a lot of mates in the industry. God Bless.


But, they are dating.

I guess Drake is the big winner here since he immediately gets to deflect that pesky Joe Budden rap battle that’s gotta be dogging him on the low. Then again, after watching this video, maybe not.

Rihanna is a bad mamba jamba! Drake is Drake.

NAH, Drake is cool. I just don’t like the thought of his hands all over my woman’s body parts.

I will be ok.