Is Drake Attempting To Rizz Up ’36G Bra Girl’ Over Iced—Not Spiced—Coffee?


36G Bra Girl got Drake in a chokehold right now.

Drake really copied Soulja Boy’s whole f###in flow with these “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” DM’s he’s been allegedly sending the 36G Bra Girl from his It’s All A Blur Tour.

If you haven’t heard by now, 36G Bra Girl, aka Veronica Correia, 21, became the center of attention after Drake plucked the brassiere freshly peeled from her bosoms from the stage during his concert in Brooklyn, New York last month. In the days since she unleashed the Correia Cannons at Drizzy’s show, shorty’s cellular has been doing the “Hotline Bling.” She’s been booking podcasts left and right and even inked a modeling deal with Playboy—who slid in her DM’s on Instagram.


ITS MEEEEE!!!! A lot of girls posting its them but this is not to get confused its me 😌 #drake36G #36G #itsallablurtour #barclayscenter #Brooklyn #Drake #aubreydrakegraham

♬ original sound – Veronica Correia

And now, it appears as though Correia may have a shot at a Turks and Caicos coffee date with The Boy himself. It was only a matter of time until Drake himself did the electric slide into her DMs. Drizzy apparently hit her with the swipe-up react entry, which she says she left him on read for days afterward—likely cap.

“He slid up on a Story and just simply sent a laughing face,” Correia said in a recent interview. “I took a day or two to respond because I didn’t know what to say.” And like Drake said on his aptly titled “Jimmy Crooks,” banger “You know how sticky it gets,” Correia and Drizzy’s convo purportedly got a tad messy.

“I wrote out this paragraph basically just thanking him for the experience, like an awesome show,” Correia said before adding, “Then I told him that I own a coffee shop in Cumberland and asked him if he likes coffee.”

Drake’s reply? She says he told her he likes his coffee “iced and sweet” no disrespect to Ice Spice.

Considering Drake has offered to fly out NBA commentator Doris Burke on multiple occasions, it doesn’t seem far off that he could potentially be contemplating boarding OVO Airlines to grab that iced coffee.

Bro was literally testing his Rizz—I mean really making a case for me to believe he wasn’t lying in that UTOPIA bar on “Meltdown” when he said, “I’d love to f### on a regular b####.”

“He was laughing at all my messages, so I asked him, ‘Oh do you think I’m funny?’ and he said, ‘I think you’re really sought-after right now,'” Correia said. Do Y’all think Drake ever told Ice Spice she was “Sought after”—he definitely told her mom.

I guess the shred of chivalry Drake attempted to showcase ahead of Her Loss on Certified Loverboy still exists because Drizzy also shared some gems after the initial “Teenage Fever.” Correia apparently asked Drake how to deal with the negative B.S. that comes with being lit and his reply was actually super wholesome.

“He said just to live your amazing life, like, people are faceless and they would never really say the negative comments to your face,” she revealed. “I’m like, yeah, wow, now I’m definitely not paying them any attention.”

Check out the clip below—Drake DMs start around the 14:30 mark.