Drake Disses Chris Brown, Soulja Boy, & Omarion During O2 Arena Show!


(AllHipHop Rumors) It looks like we may have to expand the fight card for the Soulja Boy and Chris Brown fight. LOL.

Now we understand Chris Brown and Soulja Boy’s behavior, (it allegedly rhymes with rugs) but please explain Drake’s

The Aubrey and Breezy underlining ill feelings must still be there. You know Drake likes to talk some sh-t on the mic every now and then, so he decided to poke a little fun at his stiff audience by not only dissing them, but also dissing CB, Omarion, and Soulja Boy!

During his London show on Thursday Drizzy told the crowd that they were acting a bit tense.

“I think you a little tense tonight. You acting like this sh-t is like some Omarion like Chris Brown soulja sh-t, this not that kinda show. I’ma turnt up n-gga,” said Drake.

You know Drake is no stranger to starting or finishing stuff, and he’s definitely not new to having a few bold moments. I mean his enemy Meek Mill recently got dumped and he has now reunited with Meek’s ex Nicki Minaj. Rihanna and J-Lo were friends, and you see who he moved on with. The boy is calculated!

I just want to know what Omarion and Soulja Boy did to deserve this mention. LOL.

Chris Brown says he’s going to go mute on you n-ggas this year. He says it ain’t no talking no mo’, but when he pulls up on you it’s going down. He says people will slick talk until they are all in the same room.

Can’t we all just get along! LOL. 21 Savage has Drake out here acting like 26 Savage. LOL. Carry On.

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