Drake’s Enemy Gets Kicked Out Of His Own Crew, Tries To Repair Damage

Drake Is Crazy Powerful!

Don Champagne Papi don’t play that.

You know, unless you got a strong team and long money, don’t go against Drake. Meek Mill may not have fared well against Drake, but he’ll make another dollar and live to tell a tale. Mo-G on the other hand, has no back whatsoever now. It is bad for the young may. If his career was a meme, I would say this would be it:

It seemed like he was moving,but we knew it wouldn’t last. However, it is worst that we initially thought. First of all, his crew the H-Gang has kicked him out of the group. They recently uploaded an old pic with him and Drake’s manager – BUT cropped him out. Damn. Secondly, he removed all his Drake disses from Instagram. Lastly, I am hearing dude is trying to get back in there.

Peep the pic:

H-Gang #hgang


th h-gang #hgang

At the day’s end..

BUT…Folks are saying that Mo-G might have gotten paid to go away. Allegedly.