Drake’s Goons Pulling Up On XXXtentecion?


(AllHipHop Rumors) That boy XXXtentecion has been talking a lot. Actually, he is not an idiot or wack as far as I can see. He’s just young and talkative. LOL! Anyway, the day has come where dudes jump in front of the bullet for Drake. The boy 600 Breezy is coming to the rescue for Drake, who has XXXtentecion on his bumper for alleged biting. Now, when you hear the two songs, XXXtentecion makes a compelling argument. But in the streets, when Drake is feeding many people, nobody cares. So, now XXXtentecion has some people that may want to see him. Maybe I need to do this and get Drizzy’s attention. In fact, I’ma call myself AAAttention.

Check out what 600 is saying.


While we are at it, I am Kanye’s artist Vic Mensa decided to diss Lil Yachty. I don’t think tossing water on people will work with Vic like Yachty and them do.