The D.O.C. Re-ignites Eazy-E’s Devil Worshipping Rumors!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Say it aint so!

Over the years there has been much talk about Eazy-E allegedly being a devil worshipper.

According to Industry On Blast, in a new forthcoming documentary, The D.O.C. says that Eazy-E was indeed a devil worshipper.

Industry On Blast took to Instagram to share what they claim are The D.O.C.’s exact words.

“WOW❗❗ Legendary #NWA member #TheDOC is now alleging that #EazyE was a devil worshipper! ? that illuminati ish!!! Here are his words! : “When I first got to California, back in f-ckin’ ’88, maybe ’87, I was sitting in the studio and playing at this little piano that was in this studio called Audio Achievements – where we did all the early N.W.A., Eazy-E sh-t. I was playing at this little piano and Eazy asked me if I wanted to go to this meeting. And to make a long story short, Eazy was [implying] that he was into this devil worshipping sh-t. … Now, I’m a young kid from Texas. I don’t know sh-t about gang banging, ‘cause the sh-t hadn’t happened in Dallas at that time. I don’t know sh-t about the streets really. And I damn sure don’t know sh-t about no muthaf-ckin’ devil worshipping. So, you can just imagine, I sat there at that piano kinda frozen. I acted like I didn’t even hear the sh-t that he was saying. He was talking about he wanted me to go to some meeting, and man, I played like I didn’t hear nothing that muthaf-cka said and kept doing what the f-ck I was doing. … But, just that in itself can show you the kind of mind f-ckery that was going on throughout those years, when I was just there trying to be creative. I found out later that it was just game [from Eazy-E]. It was game gone too far. Because I was so far ahead of these !!!!!s, that the only way that they could keep me under thumb was to run super game on me. So now I don’t know, do I need to ask somebody about my money or is the devil gon’ come get me? I don’t know. I’m 18, I don’t know what the f-ck to do. I just know I wanted to be the best muthaf-ckin’ rapper, and I seemed to be heading in that direction.”? Thoughts?” posted IOB.

What’s crazy is that Instagram personality Artemus Gordon has even decided to chime in and cosign the claims. Most folks don’t know who Artemus really is, but he is said to be a west coast OG that was around for a lot of shhhh that went down. At times different folks and celebrities come in his comments cosigning his claims though. He took to Instagram with a post of his own on the situation saying,

“I posted on this subject 5 years ago and now the D.O.C. backs what I witnessed with his own claims. You believe me now? Before his death, Eazy became a real deal devil worshipper as in evidence by the pentagon tattooed on his hand between his index finger and thumb. This is why he wore those gloves. In my opinion, I think he felt it added to his sinister image. He was trying to craft. Money, fame, and too much time on their hands can take a good dude (Eazy) and change him into something else. His forays into the occult/devil worship is why Bone Thugs started out with all that Ouija board stuff,” said Artemus.

Hmmmmmmm what are your thoughts?

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