Epic Fail of the Day: Man Gets Robbed Shortly After Robbing a Bank

A bank robber got beat down by karma when he got robbed shortly after his own heist.

A Texas man was robbed shortly after robbing a bank himself.

Via Huffington Post:

Larry Poulos, of Arlington, allegedly handed a teller at the Educational Employees Credit Union a deposit slip with the word “bomb” scrawled on the back Tuesday, according to Dallas News.

The teller initially thought he was just kidding, but soon realized he was legitimately trying to rob the place. She gave him more than $5,000 in cash before he fled the store, according to the Dallas Observer, but not before he — and his “I <3 Texas” shirt — were caught on surveillance camera.

Oh yeah, some neighbors also called 911 because while Poulos was running back to his apartment, dollar bills were spilling out of the bag and trailing behind him.

Neighbors also reported that minutes after Poulous went into his apartment, two large men walked in, then came back out carrying a bag of cash.

When cops showed up at Poulos’ apartment, they noted that he was not only wearing the same “I <3 Texas” shirt seen in the surveillance video, but he was also bleeding from his head. Both Poulos and his roommate told cops that Poulos had just been robbed.

Poulos faces federal robbery charges but the people who robbed him are still at large.

Talk about karma. Now if only they catch the robber’s robbers.