Epic Fail of the Day: Weatherman Eats Cat Vomit Off the Floor

Weatherman eats cat vomit off the floor, while on set with cameras rolling.

Some people take the 5 second rule way to far. We all know that it’s one of those concepts that it’s best to keep contained to the privacy of your own home (don’t front, at least 90% of you have dropped something on the floor and picked up and ate it). Yet Scot Haney, a weatherman in Connecticut, decided to act on his urge to eat off the ground while on set at work, with cameras rolling, and it turned out he didn’t even eat what he thought.

Haney scooped up and devoured a handful of cat spit up off the newsroom floor, thinking that it was Grape Nuts. Just watch:

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 3.00.16 PM