Was Eminem Terence Crawford’s Good Luck Charm Against Errol Spence?

terence bud Crawford

What is next for Terence Crawford? What is next for Errol Spence? Check out some of the rumors.

Listen. Terence “Bud” Crawford didn’t need Eminem and even Eminem recognized that. He walked the newly crowned Number 1 Pound-For-Pound champion halfway to the ring and let him do the rest on his own. Bud rocked a fisherman’s net, around him because he considered Errol Spence the big fish. ANYWAY, Eminem was ominious, because he really came out as support and to puncuate the inevitable.

Last night, Bud turned Spence into food. It was a crazy domination that nobody really expected. Most people saw Crawford winning, but Spence definitely had his die hard fans too. That was a pumelling! Now, I am wondering what is going to happen next. Spence is talking about “rematch this year” and everybody is like “Bro, relax.” You just got done looking like a Martin after fighting Hitman Hearns.

By the way, there are rumors that Crawford broke Spence’s nose last night. That seemed highly possible based on the flush shots he was taking. That jab was clicking! Also, I am hearing he is under medical suspension by the athletic commission, likely 3 months. Anyway, hopefully after Spence watches the mauling, he will come to his senses. There’e no need for a rematch. This ain’t a Rocky movie. A beating like that warrants nothing but “KIM (keeping it moving!)”

Great night of boxing.

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