Erykah Badu Kind of Apologizes To Iggy Azalea


Photo via Erykah Badu’s Instagram

As we knew Erykah Badu threw quite a bit of shade at Iggy Azalea at the 2015 Soul Train Awards. Badu banned Hip Hop this year from the awards to solely focus on soul music and R&B. Badu actually invited Iggy to come to the awards as said,

“What you’re doing is definitely not rap.”

as she acted as if she was on the phone with Iggy. Iggy subliminally responded by saying it was a shame that it’s almost 2016 and she’s being discredited for her 2014 accomplishments. Just when we thought we were going to get an apology from Erykah, she pokes fun at Iggy again by saying,

“I want to do this for my daughters, I want to apologize to Iggy Azalea; she’s one of their favorite artists, and they listen to her all the time and it’s for them. But when I really think about it, if yall love her so much why don’t yall go be with her then.”