EST Gee’s Alleged Sister Says He Left Her Homeless


A woman claiming to be EST Gee sister wants him to step up and support her, and her five children. Is this his responsibility

EST Gee has firmly planted his feet in Hip-Hop since he inked a deal with Yo Gotti’s CMG imprint. Despite his Everybody Shines Together mantra, a woman claiming to be his sister says she and her five children are homeless without support.

In a recent Instagram post, the woman makes the troubling revelation while sitting in a car. She then calls out the “Have Mercy” rapper on her IG stories. “When has it ever been okay to leave the women in your family defensively and homeless?” she asked. “When did street n***a’s put they n***a’s before they family!” the unnamed woman also shared photos of what looks like a younger Gee growing up.

EST has yet to respond to the allegations. I have a question for her though, at what point does self-accountability kick in? Homelessness is a struggle and five children amplify the whole ordeal. However, I think she’d be better served to address the children’s father.

Is he responsible to provide for her needs? Or does it come down to the consequences of her choices?

Family matters absolutely but that doesn’t mean depending solely on bro for a bag. Nor should you feel entitled to it. Ain’t nothing wrong with everybody shining together. But the best form of security in life is finding your own glow.