“F-ck Soulja Boy!” Man Who Pushed Soulja Boy Dares Him To Come Back To The Hood!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Yesterday the internet exploded with an e-beef between “ganster” rapper Soulja Boy and the “bad boy” of R&B Chris Brown.

The two went from hurling insults, threatening each other with the fade, and both claiming to be members of the Fruit Town Piru set of the Blood gang.

A video hit the net that seems to suggest that Soulja Boy got jumped and jacked for his phone on Instagram live. Luckly for the consistent “L” taking rapper, another video from a different angle surfaced showing Soulja Boy attempting to actually “square up”, after he put his own phone down on the ground.

I’m still wondering why Big Soulja didn’t put his phone is his pocket though.

Anyway, on both video clips Soulja Boy is shown getting rejected by a man he was trying to incorporate as a co-sign in his gang and street credit.

No one takes Soulja Boy and his prop guns and imaginary goon lifestyle serious, but people did give him a temporary hold on his “L” once they realized that he didn’t in fact get jumped.

Wellllll the man who pushed Soulja Boy on Instagram Live has now responded. He says it’s f-ck Soulja Boy right now. According to him he has love for the man Soulja was with, but it’s personal with Soulja Boy.

He dares Soulja Boy to come back to the hood by himself. I’m trying to figure out is this guy more upset about SB’s claim of being affiliated with the Piru gang or just the fact that Soulja Boy touched him.

While I don’t condone violence and any of this f–kery, am I the only one that wondered why he didn’t address Soulja Boy more on location instead of making another video.

All of these cats are misguided souls begging for attention.

I’m truly drained by all of the ignorance and calls for violence, “gang members” and guns in general, and especially this week.


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