Does Fabolous Have A Secret Son?


Say it ain’t so!

Rapper Fabolous has become involved in an alleged love triangle after rumors spread that he may in fact have a secret son.

Apparently a woman is claiming that Fabolous fathered her son, but refuses to give anymore details or talk about the matter any further. Apparently blogger Fameolous reached out to the woman to see the birth certificate, and the woman told Fame that enough information had already been given.

Word on the street is that Emily B knows about the situation but refuses to comment, and that Fab knows about the story as well but is claiming the kid is not his.

We sure hope Fab didn’t get caught out here with a break baby/side chick baby. Nah not Fab. But hey, a quick paternity test could clear all of this up.

The woman is claiming that Fab hasn’t stepped up to the plate to be a father for their alleged child, and he is running from his responsibility.

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